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Design of a MEMS Ignition Device with a Double-layer Barrier Electro-thermal Safety and Arming Device

1.State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi′an 710049, China;2.Science and Technology on Applied Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Shaanxi Applied Physical Chemistry Research Institute, Xi′an 710061, China

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    In order to achieve the high safety of ignition device and micro package volume, a MEMS ignition device has been designed with a double-layer barrier electro-thermal safety and arming device in this work. The device is of three core components including an igniter, a safety and arming device, and an ignition powder, all of which are assembled linearly within an overall size of Φ10 mm×3.3 mm. The S&A device has a double-layer structure with bistable function. The frontend initiator, which is fabricated on a ceramic circuit board, is a NiCr bridge foil to be covered with an Al/CuO energetic film. The two pads from the circuit board lead the bridge foil electrode to the backend device, there by reducing the package volume of the sequence. BPN is selected as the ignition powder in the device. According to the safety and arming function test, the ignition device can prevent the igniter from lighting the ignition powder in safety condition, when the size of the Al/CuO is set to Φ800 μm×30 μm. Otherwise, the BPN ignition powder can be ignited in arming condition.

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WANG Ke-xin, HU Teng-jiang, ZHAO Yu-long, et al. Design of a MEMS Ignition Device with a Double-layer Barrier Electro-thermal Safety and Arming Device[J]. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials,2023,31(3):229-234.

  • Received:August 17,2022
  • Revised:March 13,2023
  • Adopted:March 10,2023
  • Online: March 13,2023
  • Published: March 25,2023