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Research Progress on Organic Energetic Burning Rate Catalysts for Solid Propellants

Xi′an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, Xi′an 710065, China

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    Energetic burning rate catalyst is a hot research direction in the field of solid propellant in recent years. The application research progress and development trend of energetic combustion-rate catalysts in solid propellants were reviewed from the following four categories: monometal-organic framework type, bimetal based multi-functional type, molecular supported type and other types. It was pointed out that the catalytic effect of mono-metal-organic frame type burning rate catalyst is relatively simple, and the catalytic effect is better when combined with other metal salts. Bimetal based multi-functional combustion rate catalysts have excellant catalytic performance and potential application prospects. Molecular supported burn rate catalysts are still in the preliminary exploration stage, and their preparation and application have become one of the development directions of burning rate catalysts. The application of other new energetic burning rate catalysts should be strengthened. Finally, the main research directions in the future were suggested as following: green and environmental protection, high energy and low sensitivity, and nano and multi-functional composite. Burning rate catalysts containing heavy metals will have adverse effects on the environment, and the development of green and environmental protection burning rate catalysts has become an inevitable trend. The energy loss of propellant can be reduced by giving certain energy characteristics to burning rate catalysts. High energy and low sensitivity have become an important direction of burning rate catalysts. Nanocrystallization of energetic burning rate catalysts is always an effective way to improve the catalytic activity of catalysts. Burning rate catalysts with multiple functions will be the development trend in the future.

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TAN Bo-jun, DUAN Bing-hui, REN Jia-tong, et al. Research Progress on Organic Energetic Burning Rate Catalysts for Solid Propellants[J]. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials,2022,30(8):833-852.

  • Received:February 21,2022
  • Revised:June 26,2022
  • Adopted:June 17,2022
  • Online: June 21,2022
  • Published: August 25,2022