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Detonation Wave-shape and Driving Performance of Coaxial Binary Charge of DNTF-based Aluminized Explosives

(Xi′an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, Xi′an 710065, China)

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    A coaxial binary composite charge was prepared by 3, 4-dinitrofurazanfuroxan (DNTF) based explosives with two kinds of different aluminum content. The charge was composed of aluminum contents of 5% for inner layer and 20% for outer layer, and the detonation wave-shape characteristics of the composite charge were studied by high speed scanning method. A single charge with same size was prepared by DNTF based explosive with aluminum content of 12.5%. The difference of driving performances of the composite charge and single charge with aluminum contents of 12.5% were compared by cylinder test. Results show that the detonation wave-shape of the inner layer charge will produce a convergence effect when the detonation velocity of outer layer charge is higher, meanwhile, the side interference of the outer layer charge is enhanced, making the wave-shape reveal diverging characteristics obviously. The complex wave-shape of the composite charge not only affects the detonation reaction zone width of the inner and outer layer charge, but also makes the specific kinetic energy and pressure of detonation products in the early stage lower than that of the single charge significantly. With the expansion of detonation products, the specific kinetic energy of the composite charge and single charge is gradually clouse and after the relative specific volume of detonation products is up to 2.69, the pressure of detonation products of the composite charge will be significantly larger than that of single charge.

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沈飞,王辉,罗一鸣. DNTF基同轴双元装药的爆轰波形及驱动性能[J].含能材料,2018,26(7):614-619.
SHEN Fei, WANG Hui, LUO Yi-ming. Detonation Wave-shape and Driving Performance of Coaxial Binary Charge of DNTF-based Aluminized Explosives[J]. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials,2018,26(7):614-619.

  • Received:November 06,2017
  • Revised:January 25,2018
  • Adopted:
  • Online: July 19,2018
  • Published: July 25,2018